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T-Shirt Titan 2.0 Review

What is the product about?

Created by a pair of marketers that are only named as Chris and Ken, T-Shirt Titan 2.0 is a new product that they claim will allow you to design and market t-shirts in one package.

What is the product?

T-Shirt Titan 2.0 is sold as being a complete suite for creating your own designs for t-shirts that you can then sell through formats like TeeSpring, as well as coming with tools that you need to hone your marketing campaigns. These are essentially two different sides to the same dice with the design software “1 Click Designer”. This is based around a template format that is based around what Chris and Ken refer to as 100 “proven” niche. This design aspect means that whilst there is plenty of designs for you to base your t-shirts around (a claimed total of over 19,500 designs) which Chris and Ken say that you are “stealing”. Continue reading

Punt and Profit Review

What is the product about?

Created by Derek Hall, Punt and Profit is a horse racing tipster service that he claims is aimed at bettors who want to take their horse racing seriously.

What is the product?

Punt and Profit is a tipster service that whilst new, will be fundamentally familiar to anybody who has looked at the current onslaught of independent tipsters that are offering their services through Clickbank. There is very little information on the selection process for Punt and Profit outside of Derek Hall talking about how long he has been involved with betting on horses (20 years with 4 years making a living solely through his system if you believe the copy). Not surprisingly, this is a claim that comes with very little evidence to back it up. In terms of what information is available about Punt and Profit, it covers a number of disciplines with selections being sent out for all weather, flat and jump races. There will be 2-3 of these selections typically sent to Punt and Profit subscribers with Derek Hall advising whether a bet is win or place, however you can receive as many as five bets or in some cases, none at all. Interestingly enough given how long he claims to have been in horse racing, Derek Hall says that you can place Punt and Profit selections with any bookie although there aren’t many that offer placed bets unless they are each way. In terms the staking, Punt and Profit follows a level staking system with an average strike rate of 33% although this isn’t evidenced anywhere. Continue reading

Footy Lay Profits Review Betting Gods

What actually is the product about?

Part of the Betting Gods umbrella of tipsters, Footy Lay Profits is a lay betting tipster service for football games.

What is the product, and what does it do?

Footy Lay Profits is a lay betting service for football providing subscribers with daily tips. These are sent out via email between 10.30 and 11.30 with the selections advising whether to lay against the home or away team or on occasion, a draw. There is a rather respectable strike rate claimed for Footy Lay Profits of 83.68%. This is achieved through the analysis of the (unnamed) tipster who refers to himself as a “self-confessed stataholic”. Betting Gods claim that the selections come from an in depth analysis of the games. There is a level staking systm used for Footy Lay Profits with a recommended betting bank of 50 points. Continue reading

Race Ratings Pro Review

What is the product about?

Created by Michael Wilding, Race Ratings Pro educates users on creating their own betting system utilising techniques that betting syndicates use.

What is the product?

Race Ratings Pro is a training course that uses a series of videos spread over 11 modules to teach users everything they need to know about setting up a betting system. The methods taught in Race Ratings Pro are based on the models used by American betting syndicates. Michael Wilding says that at the heart of this is extensive research and analysis with a view to building up as much information as possible. In terms of the videos themselves they cover a range of topics with a focus on ratings including how they work, applying them and employing them to your benefit. Continue reading

Andrew’s Forex System Review

What is the product about?

Created by Andrew Sarraf, Andrew’s Forex System provides users with a set of trading indicators. They designed to work on MT4 with any currency pairs.

What is the product?

Andrew’s Forex System is first and foremost a set of trading indicators that follow trends in the market. As well as this you receive a 17 page instruction manual for both the software and Forex trading as a whole. Andrew’s Forex System creator, Andrew Saraff says that the system is easy to use with no prior trading needed in Forex trading. All you have to do is follow Andrew’s Forex System indicators. These are based on Andrew Saraff’s many years of trading on Forex (which is also how Andrew’s Forex System is able to predict market trends). Continue reading

Perpetual Cash Machine Review

What is the product about?

Created by Jonathan Teng, Perpetual Cash Machine is a step by step blueprint that shows you how to make profitable websites based around selling your own products.

What is the product?

Perpetual Cash Machine is a guide to internet marketing that covers a huge variety of topics. Jonathan Teng draws on his own experiences in internet marketing to show uses a multitude of different marketing methods. These are primarily based around the tried and tested method of using WordPress websites to launch products, however Perpetual Cash Machine is a little more than this. Jonathan Teng covers topics as varied as actually using WordPress, how to market your products and writing good copy to exploring how to generate traffic including using affiliate marketing to your advantage. This is presented in such a fashion that by the end you should reasonably be able to implement what Perpetual Cash Machine teaches. One of the most important aspects of this product is in showing you not just how to make money from your first website, but also how to use different combinations of the methods Perpetual Cash Machine teaches to multiply your income stream. Continue reading

Amazon Link Engine Review

What is the product about?

Created by Georiot, Amazon Link Engine is a free WordPress plugin that redirects international visitors to your Amazon affiliate links to their local site.

What is the product?

Amazon Link Engine is a WordPress plugin that can be used to increase your affiliate marketing numbers whist also ensuring that your customers are able to buy products that you are advertising. Where a typical user for any Amazon affiliate marketer will lose sales once a user is outside of their territory (for example being as a UK resident I am often directed to, Amazon Link Engine would then send me to the relevant product for my region. As well as helping your customers to find the right product for them, can help you to find more leads. Continue reading

Project X Review Streetwise Marketing

What is the product about?

Ian Williams offers up his newest Forex trading software, Project X. He describes the product as being his 30+ years of experience in a box.

What is the Project X about?

Ian Williams brings his experience in Forex trading (over 30 years) to a what he claims is a simple and easy to follow piece of software he has named Project X. The system provides a series of indicators as to when trades should be placed. These come from a constant analysis of markets in real time and the culmination of Ian Williams’ knowledge. Project X is claimed to require no previous trading experience and trading can be carried out 24/7. As well as Project X you also receive 12 months of email based mentoring courtesy of Ian Williams. Continue reading

Forex 5000 Dollars Robot Review

What is the product about?

Created by self-styled Forex expert Rita Lasker, Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is a piece of software designed to trade on Forex markets using a Stealth Stop Loss system.

What is the product?

Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is a trading bot for Meta Trader 4 that has been designed by Rita Lasker to be an automatic trader that is designed to maximise profits. This is handled by the proprietary stop loss system referred to as a Stealth Stop Loss system. This allegedly is able to alter the stop loss for a trade in real time whilst relaying this information to the broker without indicating that it is doing so. There is nothing about how Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is able to achieve this so I am inclined to take this claim with a pinch of salt. Continue reading

Sports Profit System Review

What is the product about?

Sports Profit System is a US based “sports betting system”. Depending on your subscription package you receive picks for a number of US based sports.

What is the product?

Sports Profit System isn’t really that different from many UK based tipster services with the exception that it never refers to tips instead offering what it calls premium picks. The setup is kind of odd in that you only receive these picks for certain sports depending on the level of package you sign up for (presumably to encourage users to purchase more expensive packages). Ultimately you can expect tips for NBA, NFL NCAA basketball and football as well as MLB and the World Cup. Selections for Sports Profit System are openly based on form and statistical analysis with details of why selections are made sent out with the picks. Continue reading