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Tims Partnership Deal – Tim Lowe and Bob Rothman – The Workshop

Horse racing tipster services are by far and away one of the hottest products in online marketing at the moment. It’s the pie that anybody in the know wants to get a slice of. But how do I become a horse racing tipster? I hear you ask. Normally this would be a long and arduous process, but thanks to internet marketer Tim Lowe this is about to change.

Who are Tim Lowe and Bob Rothman?

TimLowe Partnership Deal
Tim has partnered with renowned horse racing tipster Bob Rothman to create Tim’s Partnership Deal, a product that is designed to help its students on their way to starting a business as a horse racing tipster.

To make sure it is clear, this is not a get-rich-quick strategy. What Tim Lowe is trying to create is a sustainable product that will allow people access to a steady income stream. The fact is setting up a contact network as a tipster can be challenging. It is undoubtedly hard work, but once you have this supply chain of information the doors can open for you.

As well as making money off your own bets there are opportunities to market to a wider audience. Subscribers that will pay you monthly for the information that you hold in your hand. That’s what you are marketing as a tipster, your information, information that can turn a profit immediately. And because you can offer immediate profits people will keep coming back to you with money in their hand.

Bob Rothman is arguably the biggest name in horse racing tipsters. Tim Lowe heads up one of the most well-known internet marketing firms in the UK, if not the world. These titans of their respective industries coming together for Tim’s Partnership Deal means you are getting a product that you know will work. A product that will generate not just a singular sale, but can have people coming back to pay you sustainable income month in month out, and a business that can ultimately last you a life time.






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